Monday, March 26, 2012

Need Sleep

Don't let the fact that I can apparently type at 4:30 in the morning fool you. You are reading the words of a zombie again today. It was another long weekend full of just enough orders to keep me tatting most of the time on nothing new or interesting. We also had the pleasure of attending a birthday dinner and celebration on Saturday that compelled us to stay up far later than is our habit. Sure, at the time it seemed like a fine idea, but as dawn threatened to break in Sunday, the cats clawed me awake leaving me with far less sleep than is strictly required for me to function. I managed plenty of tatting on Sunday, but most of it was done in a daze. Luckily I have such good muscle memory I could probably tat in my sleep.

I promised that this week I would have pictures, only I forgot about that promise until late Sunday so you get a cat picture. Hey, it's a picture right? So what's ahead for the week? Well, more remaking of course and dealing with odd requests. I have someone who wants me to mail something so that it's held at a post office in Australia, but they haven't told me how that could be accomplished and I've no clue. I got a request last night to remake a "tatted" necklace that looks like either needle lace or machine lace or maybe even fine thread crochet. It's fine, wide and terribly long and there's no way that's getting replicated with my work. There were more of those sort of things, but as a zombie, my memory is a little fuzzy.

I image that today will require much caffeine and another early bedtime to make up for the lost sleep. I miss being a kid when lost hours of sleep could be recovered by sleeping in. Not anymore, now I need days to recuperate. Man, I feel way older than I am...not that I'm all that young anymore, but still. Okay, I've begun to make even less sense than usual so I'm going to skip proof reading this and go walk on the treadmill and hope that wakes me up even to really start this day.

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kittytat said...

Puddy tat looks so innocent tho! Hi I am annie and I am teaching myself how to tat!