Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look What I Got

Another day just as planned with lots of tatting and nothing all that interesting. Well, that is until I got a message from a customer on etsy. She had asked me for a mask with as many crystals as possible because she wanted to use it on stage while she danced and it need to sparkle. I did my best to add as many as the lace could handle and still hold its integrity, sent it off and honestly forgot all about it until I got the message complete with a video of it in action as well as this amazing photo I got permission to share with you. As you've probably guessed, she's a belly dancer and the dance in the video I was treated to has her dancing with a sword balanced across her head...I was pretty impressed. All that aside though, it is a phenomenal feeling to know that your customers appreciate your work and getting these kinds of photos makes my week.

Speaking of my week, I still have a list of things that need remaking as long as my arm, but as I suspected the shop has been quiet since I received the last one a few days ago. This is most likely a very good thing. So today, it's remake, remake and more remake. When I remake the rest of the scrolling necklaces it will have to be with different bits and that means they'll need fresh photos, so I'll be saving those for last, but the rest of the list is so random that I find myself stalling between pieces trying to decide which to do next. Hopefully I'll get my act together and get productive today. It's going to be a long day.


Crazy Mom! said...

Did you know that Isdihara (from Ambitatterous) used to belly dance?

JQ said...

That is SO rad. It's always so nice to get positive reinforcement! She looks beautiful and the mask is gorgeous.