Friday, March 23, 2012


Oh, Friday, this has been one of those weeks where I feared you would never arrive and now that you're here I think, what happened to the week? Yesterday was another with my nose to the grindstone. I think that I mentioned that we had advanced my daughter in a few of her courses. Well, my goal was to then finish the new courses within this school year. This means a lot more material to cover than a normal class load for both her and me and I think it's finally getting to me. Seriously, her science class is starting to hurt my head. Mass is defined as a quantitative measure of an object's resistance to the change of its speed. At 8 she's supposed to get that? I had to read it a few times before it sank in for me. My excuse is, it's been like almost two decades since I studied any science, but that's not really the point I'm trying to make here. I'm saying that I'm a bit tired.

I only managed to get one of the custom order pieces made yesterday between schooling and the book fair in the afternoon. Today, I must finish the other because I have a third that just came in late last night. It was another of those ones that was requested a week or so ago and they just picked it up. On a similar note, here's another rant for you. When you ask someone a question regarding the timing of creating and/or shipping a piece and they answer you with details, please understand that the answer applies only to now. Or if you ask if I can ship something today, I say yes if you buy now and then you buy two or three hours later, the answer no longer applies. So far I've not run into any protest when that was revealed when orders were actually made, but it's just another thing that bugs me. I really need to be more vague when answering questions.

So, more making today and again if I manage to finish, I've got remaking to do. I still have that new doodle piece to rework as well, so if I need a break from the sweatshop, I might play with that over the weekend. It's been too long since I listed something truly new. I hope to have a picture filled week for you next week just because all this text has got to be a bore. If nothing else a cat parade. See you all then.

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Unknown said...

You might want to give them a time like, "yes, if you order before such and such time" giving yourself time enough to get it to the mail box if this is an item you already have made. Other wise, it will be in tomorrow's mail. :D Put it back on them to get the order in with plenty of time to get it out. Setting a cut off time is what other places will do when they say same day shipping in their advertisements. I admire how fast you get things tatted.