Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Just as I promised, today's post will be another dry recap of an uneventful day. First though I do want to thank you all for the comments yesterday. You know I try not to whine about that sort of thing too often, but occasionally, I just can't help myself. I know you're out there reading this, but it really is nice to get the occasional, 'hey'.

So, onto the recap. I finished remaking two of the four pieces I actually plan on remaking. There were a couple of others that sold that I might not bother bringing back since they took so long to sell in the first place. Maybe I'll just save them for a time when I'm feeling anxious and need something to do. Other than the tatting there was the homeschooling of course and an evening walk with the family by the creek. Now that was a reminder that I hadn't taken any allergy medicine in a few days. I let the rain lure me into a false sense of health and then BAM, the sun cam out and the weeds, they grew...and grew.

Let's see, anything else? My brother came over to have me look over his taxes before he filed them. It's less stressful, when they're not yours, but still loads of fun. Ooh and he brought me one of his ukelele's to borrow. Why did I want to borrow a ukelele? Well, I've always tried to be musical, I was in choir and took voice classes, but I've never been able to stick with an instrument long enough to really play it well other than piano as a child. Me and the guitar never quite clicked, but for some reason this one seems like the right size and skill level for me to give it a go. Not that I have much time to devote to an instrument, but it seemed like it could at least be a nice diversion when I need one. So this morning I have sore finger tips from mucking around with it. That shouldn't affect my tatting, if anything having stronger fingers in the end might be mighty helpful.

So that's all I've got and it was quite a meandering tale of a day. The one in front of me will likely be as well. There a couple of pieces left to make, a ukelele to play, a grape vine to get in the ground before the next rain and there will most certainly be any number of other random events to drive my day. Off to it then, into the breach.


Tatfully Yours said...

Your day is always so busy I am surprised you find time to tat!! Your work is always lovely!!

** jess! ** said...

I played the piano and flute in my "younger days" Good luck with the ukulele! You should learn "Somewhere over the rainbow" That one sounds fabulous on the ukulele!