Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feast or Famine

Well, I had all that stuff to share with you yesterday and nobody said boo about it, so this is what you get, a boring post. I wish I could say that I planned it as punishment, but yesterday turned into a busy, but otherwise uninteresting day. Ever since Christmas I've been dealing with a feast or famine cycle of sales. First a handful of sales then generally a week of nothing, but the wind blowing. The cycle is stressful to say the least and it mucks with my need to structure my days. When sales are slow, but steady, the plan before me is constant and thus comfortable. When the cycle begins, which is does every year to varying degrees, I find myself stressed one minute due to lack of sales and stressed the next faced with a bout of overwhelming work. I'm not writing this to tell you I've found a solution, just sharing, because if I don't vent here, my husband hears it and he can only take so much.

As you might have guessed I recently came out of a famine period into a particularly sudden feast time. I already had a couple of pieces I need to remake, but yesterday added a few more. The reason this one was more stressful is the pieces that were sold. Many things I make, I sell often and thus have the patterns committed to memory, these were not on that list. The pieces that sold were ones that combined a lot of jewelry work after tatting and I never write down the information for that stuff, I just use one piece to make a copy and then send off the first one. This plan works fine when there's just one of them, but two in one day when I'm already busy, oye. I managed to get done what I needed to in order to send off the pieces this morning with confidence, but I've got another busy remaking day in front of me. Of course that means another picture-less, boring post ahead tomorrow. Sorry, but that's the way the feast or famine cycle works.


Life can be simple said...

ok you are great,I only hope to tat 1/2 as good as you one day.

Pat Greninger said...

Sometimes I find it helps to work from a picture as well as the tatted object. However, I don't have a shop set up to sell things like you do. I hope to be as good as you some day. Thanks for the inspirational pieces.

Carol said...

I can't believe you have time to tat AND to homeschool! (I say this in awe). Your tatting is beautiful as the others have said and I'm amazed that you can complete one piece in a day let alone more than one! You're inspiring and I bet you're even more interesting in person. :-) Hoping that your stress level evens out and so do things in your shop.

Trouble said...

It's great to hear you are getting sales.....keep up the excellent work!!!

Luv Jane XX