Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

Working, working, always working. That's been about the size of my days for a little while now. Up before the sun with a day stuffed full of things that need doing. These are the days when I get nostalgic for my time in retail. You know when I'd leave the house and pretend to work for eight hours instead of actually working and then come home satisfied that I didn't have to do anything around the house because I had a full time job. Of course all that was before kids and seven cats too, so the need to clean was less omnipresent.

I chose some black cat pictures to enhance the post today. You always seem to get the white cat picture because Neko likes to lay on my lap while I work making him the easiest model. I went and actually hunted down these because I just knew that this would be another meandering mess of a post. Everything is better with a cat picture right?

I spent most of yesterday remaking once I settled all the issues I had to work on from the morning. I got details on how to properly send the package to the customer in Australia who wanted it held. I also escaped the custom order request for the 'not tatting' lace necklace. If fact I swept so many things off my plate in the morning, I was worried something else odd was going to come up, but it never did.

Today is looking like a repeat of yesterday. I still have one large piece and a couple of smaller ones to remake so I won't likely get around to anything else. I suppose that means there's no real need to speculate on what I would get up to in the event that I actually did finish. Though I think I really need to get some pictures of some lace up around here soon, people are going to start thinking I'm just a crazy cat lady and you know that I'm so much more than that.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Love the cat pictures! We have a black cat and her hair/fur gets into everything...I can only imagine having several of them.