Friday, March 9, 2012


I was determined to do something, anything new yesterday. The sun was shining, the air was cool and crisp and I opted to pull out the brightest colors I had and get to work. Problem was, none of my other attempts at doing a piece in a bunch of other colors has ever resulted in a lot of sales, so I didn't just want to do those same designs again. I asked facebook and got next to no advice, I asked twitter and I got one person to offer an opinion. Lucky for me I liked that opinion and got to work. I had lime, ocean turquoise, salmon, dark Iris and lemon yellow threads and after mucking about with designs, I settled on this split ring, zig-zag stitch and spiral chain bracelet. That sprig of flowers there will be today's project of necklaces.

The bracelets worked up so fast, once I had the design set, that I got one made in all the colors I had pulled. They're all Lizbeth threads if you were wondering. I know that's a lot of neon color, but don't freak out or anything, it's just a phase. My first love will always be black thread and dramatic designs. I just had to get the Spring out somehow and I do pick up a lot of thread for custom orders and just to have it on hand that I rarely if ever get to use. When folks see my thread color list, they're always asking for pictures of specific colors. Actually having something made in those shades is much more convenient.

So all those bracelets are listed, all in an obnoxious row. Today I want to make up a few necklaces with the flower design up there on chains. Then I'll likely list all of those in the same bunch. Once that's done, I swear I will put away the colors. While I was sussing out this design, I ran across another vintage pattern I want to warp to my own devices, so I think that's next in the black. See when I'm busy, I don't complain about sales. Have a great and colorful weekend all!


Vicky said...

Those flowers are beautiful! *Brain trying to figure out how to do that...*

louine said...

They keep saying on the today show on TV that neon accessories are in this year.....yours are great.