Monday, March 19, 2012

A Video?

Hello Monday. Well, I do in fact have a couple of things to share with you on this brand new week. First up was my Saturday morning surprise. So, I head over to etsy in the morning as I do most mornings and check my stats page. At first I thought I had clicked on the link for the weeks views because they were far too high for that early in the morning, so I try again and they're right. I scroll down to see the views are coming from youtube, I never get views from youtube. Now the stats page won't take me to the exact link so I need to do some google-fu to discover this video before you.

Yes, I am aware at first glace it seems like an odd place to find my work, but it's in there among many odd and awesome finds. If you just want to see mine it's at 2:39. If you see it on youtube there is a list of links in the video description and clearly this encouraged some serious clicking. Though it didn't result in a single sale Saturday, all those new eyes certainly can't hurt. I still have no idea how my little shop ended up on the guy's radar, but I am thankful for whatever did that.

I shamefully spent much of the weekend playing games on my phone instead of remaking pieces that needed it. I'm not sure why I felt the need to stall, but I was most certainly doing it much of the weekend. Last night I decided that I needed to try out the next doodle form at the very least. Once that was made up, I saw that it needed some serious stitch count tweaking in the center repeat to work in the new form, but rather than do that I would get back to the remaking that I should have been doing.

That's the plan for today as well. I have a couple of pieces to remake and they are ones that take some time, so that should keep me busy today and likely tomorrow as well. I also fielded a lot of questions this weekend that theoretically could end up as sales, though the lack of responses to my responses is not encouraging. I had someone ask if I sold my masks on facebook...because apparently that's not obvious...anyway, they were saying they needed 15 of them. I'm fairly certain that once I directed the person to my shop and they saw the prices, they changed their mind quite quickly. It's questions like that I've been dealing with. Encouraging and discouraging all at the same time. So, I'm off to the day...oops, I did forget one thing. Sunday was my blog anniversary. Yeah, I know I should have done something, but it was a Sunday. The blog is now four years old and I'd like to use the opportunity to again say Thank You for reading, commenting and supporting my work. I truly appreciate it!

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** jess! ** said...

lol I meant to comment on this post yesterday but got distracted by the video. There were a lot of things in there that I would buy... granted I had the money lol I especially loved the "I'm a douche" coffee cup. That's friggin hilarious!
That's awesome for the exposure though!