Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back

So tired. Yes, my weekend was lovely. The weather was cool and even the sun came out on occasion. As usual, the Aquarium was where we spent most of our time. The children love it and we can always just sit down and enjoy the exhibits. We were still vacationing with two small children however, so we exhausted ourselves lifting and carrying the two of them. Not to mention the unnecessary purchases that also required toting back to the hotel and whatnot. What I'm trying to point out here is that we are tired.

There is no rest for this wicked girl. While I was gone, I received a few more custom orders that now need attending to. In fact at this point almost every piece listed as a custom has been purchased. I have no intention of re listing them again until this batch of orders has been completed. Well, I suppose I'll do it if asked, but otherwise they are off the menu. I still have a ridiculous amount of packing to do before we move and I am getting a bit overwhelmed. I'm not complaining really, both of these things are attached to wonderful events. Buying a house and a steady sales in my shop, both great...great and stressful.

I also got a nice convo the other day that made me giggle a bit. It was a lovely request to carry my masks in a brick and mortar store. In the past I have sworn off the idea of consignment and wholesale orders. Quite simply, I have no desire to sell my things any cheaper so someone else can get a cut. I know, I know, etsy and paypal already get a cut, but compared to traditional consignment and wholesale, their cut is terribly tiny. Anyway, my reaction to this offer had nothing to do with my previous opinions, this one was based on simple feasibility. I can barely keep up with my store orders of masks at this point, how on earth could I make enough extra to stock a store. There's just no way right now. Honestly, it takes me at least two full days to make a mask and that's working pretty much all day with few kids and house related breaks. You see why I giggled a bit. If only an offer like this had come in a year ago when I had plenty of time to spare, but that would have been convenient.

Well, I guess its back to work this morning. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes as well as the sales that helped us celebrate. It was a wonderful weekend, too bad its over now.

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