Friday, July 17, 2009

Done and Done

Is there a name for that gesture where you mime slapping dirt off your hands to indicate that you've completed a task? Well, that's what I did this morning as I finished packing up the last of my recent bout of custom orders. All done. Whew. what?

I've notice that this summer in particular has been moving in a feast or famine pattern. I go a long stretch with no sales nor attention and then without warning they are heaped on for a short period only to fade to nothing just as quickly. This is not a comfortable pattern for me, though I am getting used to it. You see, now that these are in the mail I can expect to go with sales for up to a week. Then if the pattern holds I should get at least two custom orders in a row effectively swamping me for days. I think I would much prefer a nice steady one day on one day off sort of pattern, but we don't get to choose now, do we?

I've already begun taking advantage of the recent downturn to remake many of the pieces lost to the feast, but with the daily packing regimen, it is going to be a slow process. I've all but abandoned the idea of any new designs at least until after the move and the Wunderkammer relaunch. Though honestly the relaunch shouldn't take too much effort really. I've received two giveaway offers and though I am hoping for a few more, I can always make up the deficit with a couple of my own pieces. We're suppose to meet with our real estate agent this weekend and that might result in a better sense of the time line we're looking at. Then I'll know more accurately when the relaunch should occur and I'll let everyone know.

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