Monday, July 6, 2009


It has begun. The slow, steady dismantling of the house we've lived in for three years. The pictures and figurines are coming down and I'm filling in the holes in the wall. It's already feeling less and less like we live here. Of course I am still avoiding any 'real' packing. Our loan agent has finally contacted us for updated paperwork making everything just a bit more real, though we're still waiting for that 'pending' or 'sold' sign to appear in front of the house for further reality checking. That hasn't stopped us from the train of detail worries we're thinking about, everything from how to move the huge desks we put together here to where we're gonna put the kitty litter boxes. We have extreme busy brain and there shows no sign of it slowing.

The sale I spontaneously put together last week has been much more of a success than I could have imagined. Really, it is quite odd, until this point my sales have created no more than business as usual. I keep saying I wish I knew what the secret ingredient was in this one so I could clone it and share the wisdom, but I've really no idea. The discount isn't too large, I'm only pimping it out on the twitter, here and then there's the store announcement. I haven't left links anywhere, haven't tweeted about it non stop. So if you see that little spark of genius in it, please let me know. The sale will continue until Thursday, since we'll be off to our anniversary trip on Friday with the kids in tow.

Oh and just a heads up, as our impending move gets closer, I'm likely to close up shop for an undetermined length of time. Moving utilities is always a crap shoot and I'd hate to be without Internet and have sales or questions sitting unanswered and unexplained. I imagine that blog posting is likely to suffer as well, so please be patient with me. We still don't have a confirmed move date and the way people keep going on about the horrors of closing, I fear we won't know until it is upon us either. See how I can't stop thinking about this crap...aarrgghh.

I am still managing to get in some good tatting time. I've actually been mulling around a few new ideas recently which means I must be hankering for a bout of creation. Though I think that I will have to keep it simple for my own sanity. If I even get a moment to work on them. I'm also almost done with the scarf/wrap I'm knitting up and I'll show that off when it's complete. So check out the sale while you can, the details are in my last post and I'll see you tomorrow.


Particles of Stone said...

My sales were up last week, too. Perhaps holidays get people into a spending mood?

Wish I could have taken advantage of your sale! Good luck with the move!

dalij said...

Yay! Which room is mine? I think I'd like that media room. Will I have a private bath?

that_rat said...

You can have our current rental house after we move out, all of the rooms have been spoken for in the new house.

YoursTruli said...

Good luck with your move I hope everything goes nice and smooth.

Sarah Dungan said...

I've moved a LOT...I'm tell you pay a moving company to do it. SO worth the money.

Alternately - Find two male friends who like to work out a lot, and offer them $100 to who off how strong they are by lifting all your furniture ;-)

dalij said...

To That_Rat: Be nice! Xani gave me permission. Isn't she the boss of the family?

Straylight said...

I hope the move goes smoothly for you. We're still unpacking, and probably will be for quite some time. Closing went easy enough for us... it was the waiting for the date to be set that was the real pain. Good luck with it, and congrats on what sounds like a successful sale!