Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's that time of the year again. The time when I start to get antsy and decide to come up with a set of goals. The goals I've chosen this time are a mixed bag of slightly possible and absolutely ridiculous, as is my way. The set this time includes receiving 5000 heart in my etsy shop and my 1000th sale by years end. Then there's the ridiculous one. In the past I've set this goal to revive tatting as the newest craft craze and while I admit to doing my part to expose more people to the art, it remains an illusive one. Another ridiculous goal was the writing of a tatting book. This one is hampered by being the stay at home mother of two small children...yeah it's not happening any time soon. This time I've aimed for the starts, I want at least one celebrity sale that results in a tatted jewelry sighting on said celebrity. This doesn't even need to be a sale, I'll give away the tatting to get the sighting, though I've no idea where to start to make this one a reality. Which is why it sits comfortably in the ridiculous goal spot.

More house updates for you this morning too. The house was appraised yesterday and came it at what we needed it to, so that's moving smoothly. Packing however is going to be the death of me. The dust is a killer...I know I could wear a mask, but I don't and I not certain it would really help anyway since the dust I disturb floats around the house all day and night now. Also my desire to keep everything is fighting dramatically with my desire to throw away tons of stuff so I don't have to move it. Of course I also suffer from an advanced form of the pack rat syndrome. I believe everything will eventually be used and to throw it away now would mean that need simply presents itself sooner. That's the way it works...right?

I opted for a simply call for donations on the Wunderkammer's sidebar. I'm hoping to get in a healthy handful, so I can run the same sort of giveaway I did here. You know, more entries more prizes and all that. It was really successful at getting new traffic and though the levels I reached during the giveaway were not maintainable, I did see a sustained increase in traffic, so here's hoping I can do the same thing for the Wunderkammer. I've already gotten a couple of responses so I am hopeful...for now anyway.


dalij said...

GEE! I wonder where you inherited that pack rat syndrome from. It surely isn't me. I have a place for everything and everything in it's place type living arrangement. If I don't need it it's into the trash. ;)

Straylight said...

I sympathize as far as the packing/pack-rat thing is concerned. I'm now unpacking and coming to a realization that there's a lot of stuff I probably should have just thrown out prior to the move.

Gina said...

Thank you! It's been a crazy month, also my birthday month where traditionally I've always felt compelled to plan and make goals, and I haven't done that! Maybe that's why I'm so restless!

Good luck on your own goals!

connie said...

I have 2 words for you.
Pauley Perrette. NCIS tv star,her character is perfect to wear one of your pieces on air. If I were an actress and heard a reasonable plea to help bring back an art that,far from dying, needs a public awareness campaign to push it's existence into the mainstream(and if said plea were accompanied by one of your tatted masterpieces),Well I think I'd oblige.
Just a thought.
Connie Angeline

dalij said...

Oh, Oh, OH!!!!! I so agree!!!! Pauley would be absolutely perfect. She's great!!!!!!!!

dalij said...

Okay! I just left a message for Pauley on her facebook page. Maybe if a few more of your followers do the same thing, Pauley may just possibly check out your sites. Anyone else out there willing to take up the cause?

TotusMel said...

Alright mommy, I am so not encouraging a facebook campaign...see this is why I'm not there yet!

...I do appreciate the thought though.

dalij said...

Come on! What if this really works and she wears it on the NCIS show. Talk about bring back Tatting! You have to admit that she's a great choice!