Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little Complaint

I try to avoid talking about those know, the big ones that cause all the drama. I find that along with bringing out the loonies on either side of the debate, you can offend people you actually like, but simply disagree with. So I'm just going to complain without mentioning particulars. I am starting to lose patience with people lately. The alarmist reactions to even simple things seem to be gaining ground. Why is everyone going off their rockers with the crazy? It appears that otherwise functioning adults are losing the ability to tell fact from fiction. Is the Internet and its viral nature to blame here? People seem to be believe everything the read regardless of what basic logic should be telling them. I know I'm being very vague here and it is intentional, besides it is happening in so many different topics that being specific is not really necessary. I think that if you spend any time online or watching television you have probably been exposed to the behavior and I imagine that you might be sick of it as well. I think I feel better now.

Outside all the loony business, I think we're on track to have the Wunderkammer giveaway the week of the 10th. I'll be contacting all the folks who offered up prizes in the next couple of days with further details and get the posts ready to go up. Oddly enough, I'm finding it hard to mess with the formula I've set up over there. I've been so consistent, I'm worried about shaking things up with contest posts. Of course it should be a good thing, but I still feel weird about it.

I got the lost package necklace remade and in the mail yesterday as well. While I'm still annoyed at the package getting lost, these sort of events allow you to really show what your customer service is made of. It affords me the opportunity to do the right thing and even be appreciated for my efforts. Even though I've now got a couple of extra weeks until my house move, I won't be making anything new. This is partly because I have already packaged away all my photo props and I don't feel like unpacking them. I plan on continuing to make up masks since I keep hearing about Halloween already. I know, it's 101 outside and people are talking about fall holidays, but it would be wise to prepare. I've begun babbling now, so I'm going to stop writing now. Until tomorrow.


Hello there! My name is June said...

Sometimes it's best to just shut out the world, clear your head, & stay focused on your goals. Oh, and a little venting like this never hurts!


Sewicked said...

When I worked retail, the craft/fabric store where I worked started stocking _Christmas_ in July. Why? Because you need the lead time to get stuff made in time. Ditto for masks/Halloween. You need this lead time. Start now. It will be less stressful for you in the long run.

Straylight said...

Halloween's the best holiday of the year! Some of us can't help but start thinking about it early. And... well, I was walking thru one of my local craft stores yesterday and they already have their Halloween stuff on shelves. (Some of 'em have Christmas stuff up already, which makes me a little ill... you thought it was early for Halloween!)

Anywho, I hope everything smooths out regarding the house purchase. The waiting can be misery...

Sewicked said...

And regarding people not thinking critically about stories they read/hear..I did actually hear one newscaster say, regarding the H1N1 virus; 'treat it like any other flu' & I about died of shock. Where was the hype? The hysteria?

It's easy to forget the old TV & paper news adage: If it bleeds, it leads. If you keep that in mind, you remember that you'll always hear the shocking/terrifying/etc side of any story. And you'll remember to take any story with a grain of salt. The reassuring stuff, if it's there, is in small print.

Lynn said...

Heh, we turned off our cable about 6 months ago and now I never seem to know what's going on (except what I read in blogville). That's fine with me though.
Ignorance is bliss.