Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Wow, July, huh? I'm been caught up in so many different things recently that time is just flying by. That, however, is not necessarily a good thing. It occurred to me only this morning that we're going on day four without a sale in the etsy shop. I know, many of you are cursing me for that complaint, but it's not so much a complaint as it is surprise at not having noticed sooner. I have gotten back to tatting up sold pieces. I finished up a Voodoo mask and started a pair of barefoot sandals yesterday. I should finish up those and then I'll get on something with yarn. It might be hot as Hades here, but its fall on the flip side of the planet so it's not that crazy of an idea.

I know I have mentioned that I love the Internet. Sure, it's full of creepy people and bizarre gossip, but where else could I mention a problem and receive helpful and well thought out support from people on the other side of the country. So, thank you Internet for allowing me to connect with other people. Between my blogs and twitter I feel like I have a great network of people to call upon and as a stay at home mom, I really need other adults during the daytime. I do have a great husband and a helpful family near me that I would never trade, but boy does the Internet fill in the blanks.

Not much else to share, I'm afraid. Since the store is slow, I've decided to put off the new corset purchase. We're going to Monterey on our annual anniversary trip and I think affording that is more important that buying something that's just meant to skinny me up a bit. I'm still wearing this one about 23 hours a day. Sleeping in it is easy and comfortable and though I think this size has done all it can do, wearing it will at least maintain until I get the smaller one. I'm certain to share when I get the next one and start the tightening process once again.

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Anonymous said...

june past me by as well. It started off as my daughters 5th birthday, then where did the rest of the month go?

I am actually thankful about the weather here recently. People seem to think that Hawaii is some kind of paradise where it never gets above 70. The 2nd year I lived here I had a heat stroke. This summer so far is mild, but I am dreading the coming of August.

I've really thought about getting a corset for myself. Not so much for the waist training but for the support. I broke my back when I was younger and I am still plagued by major pains sometimes. One thing my Physical Therapist suggest was a steel bar corset. It's a maybe though, still, because the really good ones that would offer support are really expensive.