Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good news my friends, the air is cool and today should be a lovely day. The story of how the air go cool however is a long and annoying one, so I'll share it with you. I got a call a little before 8, the a/c man would be coming soon, he said he'd have been here the night before but had been given the wrong number. He arrives quickly, hops on the roof and 5 minutes later he's done. The motor needs to be replaced and he cannot do that without the owners permission, so the property management will have to get that first. I am defeated as I know the owner lives overseas and can't imagine how easy it is to get a hold of him. Two hours later the a/c man calls back, he has permission and comes right back. He hops on the roof and 10 minutes later tells me that he thought he had a motor, but does not so he has to go out of town to get one. I estimate the time that will take and assume I'll see him around 2 or 3. Time passes, the house heats up to nearly 90 degree and I hear nothing. The children have resorted to soaking their feet in ice water to stay cool...yes it was a bad idea. It's 6:30 when the a/c man calls again. There have been some problems, but he is just now getting that motor and will be over. Another hour passes before he does arrive. He hops on the roof and 30 minutes later the air is finally cool again. If you're keeping track, that was a 12 hour adventure from start to finish...yeah, fun.

I know that I really ought not complain. In the wide scheme of things a couple of days without air conditional is less than nothing, but I was too hot. Too hot makes me irritable, lazy and full of malaise. I did learn a few things though. Creating a cave by closing everything up only works for so long. Wet washcloths are like magic and if you want to cool down fast, cool your feet first. A wet, but not dripping pair of socks also magic. In fact the kids had so much fun with the washcloths and socks the first night, they were upset they couldn't use them once the air was fixed. Oh well for them though, I am so not doing that again if I can help it.

I did get a lot of tatting done early in the day though. I knew that heat was going to get me so I started early and I worked fast. I finished up a mask I had already started, made a bracelet and started on a pair of ankle corsets that I hope to finish this morning. Speaking of corsets, how about a corset training update. Yes, I'm still doing that. It's actually become really routine and comfortable, though I admit I left it off the last couple of days due to the ridiculous heat. When I put it back on this morning, one thing was clear, the effects have stuck. The corset went on just as quickly as normal and feels just as comfortable. I have decided that I will buy myself the next smaller corset for my birthday next month. With all the house buying I think that's the only way I can justify the purchase. So you can expect the corset complaints to start again mid to late August. I do still think this is a viable solution for my belly issues, but only time will tell for sure.


Susanna said...

You´ve made absolutely gorgeous stuff. Love everything.

What kind of corset are you thinking of buying? I make corsets, in Finland though, but I would be very interested to make some kind of exchange, corset made with your measurements to some facemasks, chokers or something. Mail me if you´re interested!

TotusMel said...

Thanks for the offer...I just found one on sale today and got it early!

Susanna said...

Cool, good for you! I´ll order later some of your masks, they´re just perfect styling material for my corset photoshoots :D