Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too Hot

I think I mentioned that it was getting to hot yesterday. What I think I didn't mention was the reason the heat was getting to me. Well, our air conditioning has broken. I know many people live in climates where this would not be a problem, but I live where yesterday was over 105 degrees. I managed to keep the house under 90, but barely. We did tell our property management about the problem,but we also told them we were putting in our 30 day notice, so I'm just crossing my fingers that they don't ignore the problem. Sure we're out of here in a few weeks, but it's not likely to be cooling down outside for quite sometime. To add a little extra fun to the hot, my husband is now out of town for a few days for a training. Yep and he's in the bay area where it is always cool, but I'm not bitter, not at all.

Yesterday I snagged prize number three for the Wunderkammer giveaway. Part of me feels kind of weird planning so far in advance and yes a few weeks is far for me. I'm used to doing these sort of things on the fly with little advance planning. I'm finding that contrary to what logic might dictate the extra time is not making me plan better. If anything it's letting me come up with then summarily reject additional giveaway scenarios that are really quite lame. This is certainly a case of going with your first instinct as the best bet.

I know that I also said I wasn't going to be able to come up with any new designs for a while either, but during the construction of my custom project I came up with a ring. It wasn't much of a stretch from the hat band to a ring. I just decreased the circumference a bit and it made itself. It's quite a comfy thing and I've already listed one in what I suppose is a small size since I have particularly skinny fingers. When I asked after pricing on twitter, it was suggested that I might do a ring and pendant set, so I decided that a pendant based on the same basic pattern design would be interesting. I haven't gotten great pictures of that piece yet, but it too is made with the slightly smaller thread, size 20 and is based on the same motif as my Spine barefoot sandals and the throat corset. I made it smaller and turned the top edge into a clover as well. I might get it listed later today. Of course I might not as the heat is sucking the life out of me.

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