Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, it seems like everyone who has already left for the darkside had plenty to say justifying their decision and those out here with me are all just fighting the pull. I shall discuss it no further until it has me firmly in its maw, so moving on. We were finally informed yesterday that we are in escrow and the house we're buying is officially off the market. We don't actually know when this happened because our real estate agent and mortgage guy seem to be running with the ball. What they don't realize is we're those people who want an update on every little mundane detail, there is never enough information for me. No I don't really want to supervise the whole event in an active sense, but I do want a play by play and I'm not getting one.

In the world of tatting, I'm slowly catching up. I have just one pending order I'm working one. Of course that order contains two masks, so it's not likely to be finished for another few days. I haven't gotten any new orders since I got back and while I would normally begin to worry, I'm relieved that I have the extra time to catch up. In fact this run on custom pieces has gotten me thinking forward to the holidays. Yes, I know they are months away, but if the summer sales are any indication and I hope they are, I'm going to be a bit swamped. So from this point forth, every little bit of down time I am afforded will go to creating stock of my most popular items starting with a crap load of masks for Halloween. Though making this statement will probably jinx me to very few sales of them, oh well.

Anything else...oh yeah, the Wunderkammer redesign is humming along and has an eta of the first week of August. To go along with the new skin, I want to have a giveaway, which I think I've mentioned. Problem is, how to ask for donations from the featured artisans without coming off all spammy. I know many of them make very expensive items and those are right out, but perhaps discounts. Then I was thinking of offering an ad to those who wanted to donate an item, but I want to make sure that the prizes are, well...appropriate for the Wunderkammer audience. I suppose I could just post a call for donations on the site, but would that look tacky? Aargh, I'm just thinking out loud now and I have so many other things to think about, so I'm gonna stop it now. You know where to leave opinions should you have them.


Sewicked said...

As far as Facebook goes, yeah, I'm on it but I can understand those who don't want to be on it. It's all a preference & point of view thing. Go with what's right for you.

Congrats on the house, even if you aren't getting a play by play. Good luck with the inventory & sales.

Try asking the artists what they think. What would they be willing to provide & what would they like in return? Advertising? A swap?

AJ said...

Yay for more progress on the house :D

I'm pretty sure I've seen other find blogs put out calls for prizes for give-aways. Usually there's some sort of advertisement involved.

While a lot of the individual handcrafted items you've featured on the Wunderkammer might be a bit too pricey for the artists to give away, you could probably have some luck getting prints and t-shirts.

I for one would be happy to donate a pair of Gothy or Steamy earrings to the cause, if you're interested.