Thursday, July 23, 2009


As a stay at home mother I'm used to a bit of monotony. Sure everyday is filled with brand new dramas, but mostly the day plays out as I expect it to, so only when an element of that routine is removed does my dependence upon it become obvious. With my husband gone, the last few days have become almost unbearable exhausting. The morning, lunchtime and evenings he is normally here is my little break from the children. My sweet, sweet moments to say, go ask daddy, hide for a bit or do anything else. He also provides an important bad cop element to child discipline, that tiny bit of fear that keeps them from running completely wild. Sure, I can turn it on too, but then I also have to be their comfort and it all feels a bit schizophrenic. I do not know how single parents manage and I hope with every fiber of me being that I never have to find out.

Anyway, I did finish tatting a pair of ankle corsets yesterday and even moved on to a Voodoo mask. It can be awful mindless working on remaking pieces especially when they haven't been ordered and there's no real urgency to the task. I'll finish up this mask today I imagine and then spend an hour or so trying to decide what to make next while secretly hoping someone will buy something I need to make and take the decision away.

Speaking of corsets though, I bought one yesterday. Yeah, I know after all that talk yesterday about not spending money and whatnot. The shop I had previously decided to get the next one from because they have the most reasonable price for the highest quality off the rack pieces, had a new clearance section listed. I had seen one there before but it had been gone. It appears that they only do it when they change a design on a piece they have left over stock on or a design that just didn't sell being discontinued. I had kept checking just in case and I found one that I liked in the size that I need and for even cheaper than their normal prices so I pounced. One note on off the rack corsets if you're going to do waist training also called corset training or tight lacing, they are not recommended. They say corsets should fit perfectly if you're going to strap into them everyday and that makes good sense. Off the rack pieces are made with a standard measurement which may not work for everyone. The one I have right now is made by the same people and it fits me very well and causes no discomfort to me at all which is why I'm sticking with them. I'm only saying all this just in case my corset adventure has inspired anyone else I don't want to be an irresponsible recommend-er of stuff.


Sewicked said...

wow, someone taking responsibility. I'm impressed. Kudos.

. c h o k l i t . said...

I bought an off-the-rack corset from them 'cause it was inexpensive, but it's not comfy for me at all, even without tight-lacing or daily wear.

I have a short torso, though, and you have a lovely long one, so perhaps you just miraculously have the body type that fits their patterns.


Unknown said...

I got a corset in high school that was made to fit and it was certainly hard to wear for extended periods of time so I imagine an off-the-rack one could be really uncomfortable. I found I had to sit up really really straight to keep the bottom from digging in to me a little in the front.

Kudos on finding one you liked for a good price tho.


Artsnark said...

love pic