Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I know that this is shocking, but I actually tatted much of the day yesterday. Why? Well, because I got a wonderful order in my shop. It came in right after schooling was wrapped, so it was perfectly timed. I started by remaking this tatted cuff bracelet. While I've made it several times, it had been awhile so I wanted to get it made up before I ship the order out to its new owner this morning. It's a nice sizable piece so it took much of the day to get made.

After the bracelet was done I went onto the necklace that was sold, which was the same one that I sold, I think,  a couple of weeks ago. I got started on it, but I will have to finish it today. I also got a little knitting done in the morning during schooling, but I didn't have a chance to mount the doilies yet. Orders always come first, plus it had just been a while since I had anything to tat up. I'd hate to get out of practice.

So today I have the necklace to finish and then I will likely spend my time knitting unless I get a nice chunk of time and space to mount doilies. There's really no rush with those as Christmas is still quite some time away, but I like to have things done and dusted well ahead of time to avoid holiday stress.

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Madtatter80 said...

It's lovely and I think after all these years, black is you signature color for tatting. Always strikingly beautiful :)