Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Okay, let's see, weekend recap. Well, I finished the knitting project. It still needs to be washed and de-furred, the cats left their mark quite impressively, but otherwise it's done. I also took some more time to pin and frame doilies. Thank you everyone for your pin comments. I chose these pins because they are small so they won't detract from the doily in the shadow box frame. I opted for pins so I wouldn't have to use any glue or stiffener on them to mount them. I guess I felt that this way, should one of the recipients every want to take it out and display it more traditionally, they can and there's a better chance that they'll survive the test of time. I do have a nice leather finger protector that helped this go around, but it's awkward to wear, so mostly I did without.

Other than those projects, we watched some movies and did a little cleaning. There was also shopping to finish up the kids' Halloween costumes. I just have a couple of things to create for them and we're all done with that. We finished up the weekend with that 'scorched earth' debate and a bit too much wine. Today we're taking advantage of the  kids' day off from school to head to a national park and adventure a bit. We've not been to this one since we were kids ourselves, so it'll be new for the whole family. So here's to a nice relaxing day.

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