Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An Order

I got the lovely surprise of an order in my etsy shop just as we were starting the schooling day. It was my last cat ear headband, so I sent it right off in the post and as soon as schooling was wrapped I started making a couple more of them.

Between the tatting, a spot of cleaning, and errand running, the afternoon was completely covered. I think I managed half a round on the doily before the evening was over, so I have nothing to show you from that project. I did suss out the method to make the pieces I need to for the child's Halloween costume, but didn't start that either.

I'll get back to the doily today and probably save the fun fur sewing project for the weekend. I'm not really looking forward to the mess it might make. Crossing my fingers that I make it through tonight's debate without downing a whole bottle of wine.

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