Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Long Day

So the oldest child had one hell of a long and stressful school day yesterday. There was a media project due, that she knew about for a week, and stalled on until the day it was due. I wish I could say that this is a trait she did not get from me, but I likely contributed at least a little to the characteristic. At any rate, that kept me busy pushing her to get it done until way after our usual schooling end time.

Once she was finally done, I sat down to work on what should be the last gift doily, unless I think of someone else really soon. I'm not hiding the color because I don't think that I need to this time around. When I finish making and mounting them all, I'll get pictures to share after they've been given out. Until then, enjoy the red here and no, I have no plans at this time to turn these into ornaments. I feel like they would be far too delicate for that use, though maybe with size 10 thread and stiffened, it might work. I am not, however, making anything to do with that particular holiday, save for the gifts, until October is well and truly finished.

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