Thursday, October 27, 2016


I was definitely busy yesterday. I went straight from schooling to my annual check-up, then it was straight back home to the queue of tatting I have built up from the last couple of orders. I started with this Cathedral bracelet. The matching choker is in my lap to help me remember the stitch counts. It has a really nice shape to it when it's done.

After that one was done I started on a necklace that I haven't quite finished yet. I keep getting distracted by knitting and crochet pieces I want to make for myself. Luckily I have very little yarn on hand, so I can stay focused on the tatting. I still have two necklaces to finish, two bracelets that I could remake and one Armenian knotted lace necklace as well. So, if I want to stick with remaking, I have plenty of pieces to chose from. I may not remake them all though, since a few of those have sold very little, but we'll see I guess. I definitely prefer have a queue of things to do rather than trying to busy myself with nonsense all day.

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