Friday, October 7, 2016


Just to change things up a little bit, I spent some time mounting another doily. This time I'm not disguising the color because it's such a small section of the piece. I had actually intended to do more of them yesterday, but these tiny little pins are murder on my fingers. In fact, my fingertips are still a little tender this morning. They're call sequins pins and they're only a half an inch long. Hell, I think the heads of these are are narrow as my tatting needle, so pushing them in is like pushing this tip of that.

I did also read and knit as well. I think the knitting project should be wrapped up this weekend and then I'll have to decide on something new to do. I wish I could say that I'm in the mood to create something entirely new for the shop, but it continues to be so quiet there that I don't feel encouraged to add to it in any way. I know that's likely the wrong way to think about it, but when I sell nothing, I feel like making nothing, thus all the time spent making gifts instead. I guess I'll just cross my fingers yet again for something to give.


SWtrompeter said...

I find it near impossible to work with a thimble on my finger, but perhaps that - or something similar - would help with pushing in those tiny pins.

Madtatter80 said...

Beautiful love to block

Maureen said...

Clover makes tiny applique pins with a soft white rubber head - I use them almost exclusively. But they are expensive. Always makes me think of our foremothers and their "pin money"- pins and needles were more valued a couple of hundred years ago.