Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Big Trees

Well, my legs are seriously sore this morning, but we had a lovely day yesterday. We headed out on a drive into the mountains. We went to Sequoia National Park for the day. It's about a two hour drive from us to entrance of the park and then almost 7000ft up to get to the good stuff which includes General Sherman, the world's largest single stem tree. That's it behind me and the girls, way behind us.

We also walked a few trails including one we let the oldest child spontaneously pick as we walked past the trail head. It was both a good and bad choice. Good, as it was completely deserted allowing up a quick, private hike in the Giants Forest, bad, as it was quite an uphill adventure that exhausted us all. Plus, we didn't actually have a trail map, so we had no real idea where we were going.

We had a nice lunch and visited with the bravest chipmunk ever as it hoped we would drop something, we didn't. It ran around us and under our table the whole time.We enjoyed listening to the largely international park guests and a bit of people watching near the more popular locations, but it was orders of magnitude less crowded than Yosemite, which we visit more often.

I've got some serious plans to sit on my rear today and recover from what my fitbit tells me was the equivalent of walking 75 flights of stairs. I'm sure my hands will get bored though and I'll get up to something. I'll leave you with one last picture of the General.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Beautiful! I miss being able to walk in forests with large trees! Hope your legs recover quickly!

Maureen said...

I've never seen a chipmunk before! so that, and the huge tree, were two firsts for me. Thanks for showing them.