Friday, October 28, 2016


The clouds rolled in yesterday creating an overcast solemn day. It was just what what I needed to become as lazy as humanly possible. I mean seriously, at one point in the afternoon, I contemplated taking an actual nap. If you knew how much I do not do naps, you would be terribly shocked by that statement.

As you might have guessed from those admissions of sloth, I did not really work on anything despite my queue of projects that I was so happy to have. I did finish tatting one necklace and then I spent a little time knotting on the doily. I didn't do enough to feel like I accomplished anything yesterday though. That is, of course, unless curling up under a blanket on the couch for a couple of hours can be considered an accomplishment.

This weekend should be busy though. I have Halloween costume pieces to finish, a house to clean before we host a family birthday dinner, and a handful of other small tasks I've been putting off. All this to do and I'll have to fight off the weather-enhanced malaise that the rain brings me. Crossing my fingers for some positive motivation now.

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