Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Well I overdid exercise on Monday, so yesterday I suffered. My legs were ridiculously sore, so I
whined and did little all day. I did complete my sewing project for my sister and it turned out perfectly even with my limited skill set. Then I grabbed a pile of comics and spent the rest of the day reading them.

So since I don't have any lace to share, here's a picture of one of my in-law's cats. This is Patty and she doesn't normally have a tan nose, I don't know what she got into. I think she has the prettiest eyes of any cat I've ever known, almost all white save for a light blue at the centers that makes them seem glue gray from a distance.

I've got no really plan for today either, though I suppose I should make an effort to get things photographed and in my shop. My legs are feeling better this morning, so maybe I'll be more inclined to move about and actually do things. We'll see.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Beautiful cat and love the eye color!!!

Fox said...

She'd like my blue-eyed beauty, Mr G!