Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Done

The afternoon was packed with birthday goodness for the husband. We went shopping, saw Finding Dory with the family and ended with dinner out, where I ate far too much. The morning belonged to knotting though and I actually got another necklace made.

After the round of square loops I did these little triangles that leap from the top of the last on to the base of the next. I image that it they were bigger that trailing thread would be bothersome, but I think at this size, it's more of an interesting design element. I also started on them without counting stitches at all, so I'm feeling pretty lucky that it all worked out perfectly.

So that leaves me with two new Armenian knotted necklaces that are made and ready to list in my shop. I might get on that today, but I have a sewing project first. My sister has enlisted my help in converting a jumper into a shirt, and I think that's within my limited sewing skill set to do. It will likely take me much of the day to do it though. The sewing machine, and it's tension in particular, is not my best friend. In fact if I'm being honest, it might even look better if I hand sew it as I definitely have skills in that regard. Either way I'll get that done today and perhaps if time allows, I'll add the necklaces, oh and the hybrid lace bracelet needs adding as well, to the shop. Time will tell.

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