Friday, July 1, 2016


Sorry I didn't pop by yesterday to write. It was bill day and I chose to sacrifice blogging time to treadmill time so I could do both. I'm trying to please my electronic overlord, the fitbit. I ignored it while I was recovering from overdoing it two days before, so I had to get back to work or risk the carefully cultivated routine I've got falling away. Besides I didn't do much the day before aside from actually getting the last two Armenian knotted lace necklaces listed in my shop.

Yesterday I worked on getting some really simple Armenian lace necklaces made, but the picture I took of the ocean turquoise one disappeared from my computer. It's still on my facebook page though. It is the hardest color to photograph, it never looks turquoise, just a washed out blue. Then I got an actual order in my shop, so I got to some tatting. This is a nice simple choker, one of my earliest designs.

I got another order last night for a custom pair of barefoot sandals, so that's my task for today. I should get them done today or tomorrow and then it's back to the simple Armenian lace pieces. I want to make that necklace in a few colors before I list it. So hopefully I'll at least have those to share on Monday.

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