Thursday, June 2, 2016


Well, nothing new and interesting, again. We're at that deadline point in the kids' school year. There are papers due and the oldest child is very skilled at procrastination. This means I get to sit with her and, I mean encourage her to keep writing until the papers are all done. The hardest part for me is to just not write them myself, because I actually enjoy writing, but I know better and I just sit there poking at her with questions until she finally gets moving. All that extra time schooling means much less time for me to worry about tatting, or knotting anything.

I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning to pick a winner for my 1,000,000 page view giveaway, so if you missed that post yesterday, head there and add a comment to enter. I'll do two winners if many more people comment. So far, it's too few to justify more than one. Thank you to everyone who has commented with congratulations so far. Truly, this is just a bad habit I got into and can't stop. I fear I will be writing here long after anyone stills cares, purely out of habit.

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The Crocheted Butterfly said...

In all likelihood you have many more readers than commenters - I am one! Even though my kids are grown, it's always interesting to take a peak into another fiber artist's life.