Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Done and Done

I actually got some things done yesterday. I started gathering the kids school books to get ready to ship them back as soon as we're done for the year. When schooling was wrapped for the day I managed to quickly finish up the second bracelet in the custom order I've been working on. I even stopped while I was working to take a picture of it so I could share.

 Once that was done I went right back to the Armenian lace and tatting experiment. I added the knotted lace to both sides of the tatted rings and as well as the ends to hold a hook and a loop for the clasp. The knotted lace holds up just fine on it's own, so I didn't feel the urge to add more tatting at the edges. Though I do have a few more ideas for a much more embellished cuff bracelet. I'm thinking a frilly cuff maybe, or a pineapple edging.

We have our Year End Celebration with the kids' school today in the park. It's an awards ceremony and pot luck picnic. After that it's family dental appointments. So I might not get anything worked on today at all.

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sylvie 66 said...

This is a very good idea, I like mixing techniques as well. The cuff is very beatiful. I wish I knew how to make those lovely knots too. I placed them on my I'll-do-this-one-day list... which means I'll learn in something like 85 years! Anyway, I'm loking forward to seeing your next creation - the larger cuff.
Besides, end of year is coming for me too. Exams and congratulations are in order, so congratulations to you and your daughter for the school successes and extra grade for your eldest. Happy - well deserved - holidays! :)