Friday, June 24, 2016

That's Better

Yesterday was basically a repeat of the day the preceded it. Though this time I think I got the Armenian knotting right. I still used the smaller knots, but this time I skipped one every fourth and created a bit of a pattern and thankfully that also worked to the get the piece back to the correct amount of curve.

 It's not quite done yet, I want to give it a few more rounds so it's a more substantial piece. I think I also want to add something different to the last round to give it a bit of an edge, but I'm not sure whether I'm just going to add small loops all the way across or get more creative.

I believe the children are off to their grandparent's house today, so I'll also be glued to the TV, watching those DVR'd shows that the kids dislike. Hopefully all that sitting will result in a new piece finished and listed in the shop by Monday. What? It could happen.

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Wendy Link said...

Hi there, just found your blog and really enjoyed reading it! Beautiful creations