Thursday, June 9, 2016

So Long

I had the longest day ever yesterday. Well, it felt like the longest day. As assignment deadlines creep nearer we had to buckle down and get things truly completed. Yesterday that included the child typing up a fictional narrative she wrote that stretched over 30 pages and a science experiment complete with a power point slide presentation. I figured I had to take some pictures of the science project, so here are the ingredients. It involved darkness and crushing mints to make sparks. It was a weird day too.

After that was done I started in on the editing of the afore mentioned fictional narrative. I only made it halfway through last night, so it's also the first thing on my agenda today. I couldn't even get to sleep after that though, my brain kept sleep editing imaginary pages. While I do that there's still one more paper the child needs to write. I anticipate another long and tiring day today. The silver lining is that Friday is presentation day for all her work and then it's a quiet last week of school next week. Then maybe I can make some lace again.

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ro li said...

we used to chew wintergreen lifesavers with our mouths open so our friends could look for the sparks