Monday, June 13, 2016

Guess What

You'll never guess what I got up to this weekend. Well, the start of the weekend was pretty usual. On Friday I had one teacher meeting then the oldest child did her two presentations online. She really did very well and once she was done, we were allowed to go into that nice relaxed slide for this next week of school. We still have classes to finish and tests to worry about, but nothing left that's too stressful.

There were the normal weekend errands, running to the shops, and some sitting about watching movies, but the shocking bit that I'm leading up to, is that I actually did some tatting! I had another idea to work out with the Armenian lace added to tatting. I started with this chain of rings surrounded by lock chains on both sides. I figured the lock chains would be better to join the knotting to.

I think I'm going to work the Armenian lace on both sides of the tatting, but I have no real planned pattern at this point. As usual I'm just making it up as I go. I was thinking that I might finish it off with more tatting at the edges as well, but if the knotting can hold it's shape well as it, I might not need to.

Of course I don't get to work on this today because I actually received a custom order yesterday evening. I am really quite happy to have tatting to do for someone. It is always so much more satisfying to make something when I know it has a home to go to.

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