Friday, June 10, 2016

Almost Done

Two more papers done for the child and turned in just in time. This morning she has to present one of them and her science project in an interactive online session. So today should still be a high stress one. When that's over though, we can all relax a bit and coast through nest week, the last week of the school year.

I'm looking forward to future creative bursts of energy as well as time to do things like catch up on the dozens of hours of TV that have been piling up unwatched on my DVR. There is also a generous pile of comic books that I'd like to actually read. So one more week and my time is mostly mine again for awhile. And since I have nothing creative to show you, you get pictures of Chi Sai, our three footed cat, being forced to sit in my lap. She has personal space issues and has to be caught unawares to put up with any physical contact beyond scratching her back from a distance. You can see her plotting her escape in her eyes.

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