Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I was told by my husband that yesterday's 'good day' post was boring and that I should at least post some pictures of cats today. Since yesterday was pretty much a repeat of the day the preceded it, I decided to take his advice.

This is Neko sleeping and because he was the only cat cooperating
with my attempts to photograph them. This is also Neko once awakened.

He is also the cat that accompanies me to the computer every morning to write my blog, so he's currently sprawled out behind me on a box.

Hopefully after these last two weeks of schooling are over, I'll be in a better head space to create. The end of the year nonsense is piling on and I'm getting uncharacteristically flustered by all of it. When you home-school, the kids assignment deadlines really feel like they're yours and when you are asked to write a letter, you feel more like you're writing an essay someone is going to grade later. Oh well, nothing for it now.


that_rat said...

See, now things look a bit more lively around here!

The Crocheted Butterfly said...

It really is amazing how much photos brighten up a blog post. And your cat is beautiful!

Maureen said...

I love pictures of cats! - especially tatting cats.