Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Yesterday started out just fine. I was happy to be starting the very last week of school. I found out that my oldest child has been promoted an extra grade for next year. The temperatures have even been nice. Then I got to learn some things I was fine not knowing. I got to learn how much I take a working appliance for granted. I got to learn how quickly and thoroughly one can break, and that lesson came with a little extra physical pain and a greasy mess. Finally I learned how exactly expensive that appliance, a new garage door opener, can be with installation costs. Next up I get to learn how long I have to wait for the store people to call and schedule the installation. This week took a bad turn very quickly.

After all that homeowner drama, I did get some time to sit down and work on the custom order I got Sunday. Of course I didn't have as much time as I hoped, so I only managed to finish one of the two bracelets I need to make. I also found myself wishing the order was for a drastically higher amount to undo the painful credit card transaction that we underwent.

I should be able to finish the other awareness bracelet today, barring anymore teaching moments from the the Universe. Then I'll get back to the Armenian lace and tatting experiment. Here's hoping the week turns back to good sooner rather than later.

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