Friday, May 6, 2016


There was a little knotting, some reading, and thankfully plenty of tatting yesterday. I didn't get
anymore orders, but the necklace I had to remake took up most of my time. I'm sure I would have finished it a bit faster except that we had lunch out with my in-laws and that grabbed a healthy sized chunk of the day away.

I don't even remember where the idea for this piece came from. I want to say it was a vintage edging I modified, but my mind is a blank on its origin story. I'm sure if I searched through the blog I'd find it, but I'm far too lazy for that nonsense, especially this early in the morning.

 The weekend is packed with all sorts of plans, the new Marvel movie, Free Comic Book Day, a fundraiser BBQ lunch, and Mother's Day. With all that going on I don't really think I'll even have time to worry about whether I have tatting to do or not. I may also need another weekend to recover from this one.

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