Thursday, May 5, 2016

Change of Pace

Yesterday was mostly reading and knotting again, but after lunch I actually got a sale in the shop, so I had a necklace I could tat up for the shop. This is the one I do with the macrame slide clasp. I made it the first time when I was running low on finding supplies and couldn't really justify purchasing more of them. I also made it in one of the most basic edging patterns there is. Well, my own version of it, but it's just ring, chain, repeat. Creating it is a nice, meditative process.

I did finish making the necklace and got it back up in the shop. Just before bedtime I got another necklace sale as well. That means I will start today with a tatting task as well. The last one I sold is a bit more complex than this one, so that should keep me busy most of today. I think that sounds like a fine way to spend the day.

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