Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap

Well, it was definitely one packed weekend. Saturday started with a little cleaning and then there was a fundraiser BBQ to eat. That was followed by a trip to the local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day. That place was unusually packed. Finally we walked down the street to the theater and watched the new Captain America movie, which really was quite great. The picture is me and my youngest before the movie. By the time we got home, it was a just a quick meal and to bed really.

On Sunday I had a rather lovely Mother's Day. The gifts were thoughtful, the kids let me watch The Mummy, my guilty pleasure movie, and I got plenty of relaxing time as well. We had my mother and in-laws over for dinner in the evening and since we didn't invite the rest of the family, it was pretty quiet.

One more great thing about the weekend is that I got three different orders in my shop. The first will require me to remake a necklace and the second actually contains a mask that needs to be custom made. The third also has a couple of small pieces for me to remake. This means that even if the rest of this weeks is quiet, I have plenty of tatting to get on with. So here's to the nice, busy weekend ahead of me.

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