Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mask and Necklace

Another busy tatting day, but this time I took a couple of pictures to prove that I got some work done. I didn't have any free moments to work wile schooling yesterday, so it wasn't until afterwards that I was able to finish up the mask I was working on. I really only had to finish covering the wires with thread, but that is quite the tome consuming task.

After that was wrapped I had this necklace to remake. It's one of my first designs over a decade ago now. Eventually I made quite a few pieces with this tatted daisy at it's center or as a starting motif. Funny thing about this piece in particular is that I've had to add more motifs to the sides as my tatting has tightened up over the years. I used to get away with just four small ones on the sides, then I had to use five. I'm up to six now just to keep the piece at the right length. I have a similar problem with other pieces I designed that early. It just gives me a fresh design problem to solve.

I still have another necklace to finish as well as a pair of earrings I should get to, so I still have some tatting in queue for today. I haven't touched the Armenian lace in days, maybe even a week. I'd like to spend at least a little time with it today, but I'll gladly trade that for more orders in the shop. Just putting that out into the Universe.

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