Monday, May 23, 2016


We had a pretty lazy weekend around these parts. Sorry, I'm reading a novel set in 30's rural south and I fear the dialect the writer is using is contagious. Anyway, there were some errands run and some movies watched, but mostly we're just preparing for next weekend when we have the oldest child's birthday get together.

I did knuckle under and tat and knot up what I think should make a fine bracelet using the hybrid lace idea. It took me forever just to decide to join the rings straight together and then another forever to figure out the best way to extend the ends. I want to get this and the simple pendant in the shop today, but it might not happen as the kids need to be shuttled to and from their state testing today and tomorrow. The older child is old hat at it by now, but this is the youngest's first time, so I'm not certain what to expect. Hopefully I'll get a bit of time for the task, but if not, there's always tomorrow.

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