Thursday, May 19, 2016

Earrings walking and reading yesterday. I seem to have gotten a wee bit addicted to moving more during the day. I hope that I can keep it up, well maybe toned down a bit, but still moving. I'm feeling pretty good as I go about my day. I did manage to steal a little sitting time while catching up with my DVR, so I got a pair of earrings made up and listed in my etsy shop.

I didn't stiffen them after all. The outer rim is stiff enough that they hold their shape just fine.  I also made up one more in this same cream shade that I'll likely get listed as a pendant today. I was also contemplating stringing a few together for a bracelet, but I haven't yet done any measurements to see if they would be a good size for it. I guess that's on tap for today. I am still hoping for a little more inspiration with the technique, but nothing has sparked yet. I'm sure I'll eventually think of something.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I really like these though it seems a bit big for earrings for me. Maybe I'll have to get me a pendant :)
Regarding your fit bit, I used to have one to wear on my belt. It seems, on a subconscious level, it makes you move more. Looks like it's working for you. I want to get one as well but I am a sign language interpreter and wasn't sure how much that would skew my readings. Guess some research is in order.
Have a great day!