Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap

No sales over the weekend to keep me busy, so I focused on other things. Last weekend I got a fitbit hr for Mother's Day. I call it my new electronic overlord and I've been trying to please it with movement since I first put it on my wrist. It's funny because you'd think something as simple as tracking steps, stairs climbed, heart rate, and a few other things couldn't possible have any bearing on how active you are, but that little wristband is pretty useful. Since I stay at home and my hobbies and job pretty much have me sitting all day, this reminder to get up and move is great.

I spent much of the weekend adjusting some of my more sedentary behaviors to comply with the overlord. For instance, while I spent time reading and knotting on the Armenian lace doily, I did so while perched on an exercise ball instead of cozy on the couch. I've also started the habit of just going up and down the stairs when I have the time and taking longer walks when we have the time to go out. I've got a ways to go before I feel like I'm actually healthy, but if I can tat, read, and knot while balancing on an exercise ball instead of passive on the couch, I think I'll stick with it.

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