Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Recap

It seems I'm still maintaining a nice even pace with new orders and remaking them. On Friday most of the day was devoted to a rather large choker necklace. It was one of my first modifications of a vintage collar pattern. A lot of other folk have done the same basic modification since then, but I still like the bead choices and shape of mine just fine.

Once that one was done, I got an order for another necklace. This one is one of my completely original ones though. I got the idea from machine made lace. There was a time when I was trying to redo all kinds of lace with tatting. Of course I had varying degrees of success at that all the way to 'burn it, it's awful'. This one and a few other pieces made with the same basic motif turned out nicely. I think I finished this on Saturday morning and the rest of the day was family time with no orders at all.

Sunday right before leaving to the in-laws house to watch expensive
commercials, I got an order for a choker and that gave me something to do between the commercials, but I forgot to tell you what I did in the morning. We were reading about the Chinese New Year and learned that the return of your zodiac year is a year of bad luck unless you wear something red gifted to you. So, my Year of the Monkey daughter had me make her a bracelet to stave off bad luck. I opted to crochet a simple one for her with beads. Never mind that I had never crocheted with beads before. Once I figured it out, I actually enjoyed making it. Now we'll just see how long she actually wears it during the year.

I woke up this morning to another necklace order and so I have plenty to do after schooling today. Schooling itself is causing me some cold-sore inducing stress right now though. Not the kids, but some administrative type nonsense. I'm hoping it just fades away without any direct confrontation so I can get back to enjoying the process of teaching the kids without too much interference. Here's crossing my fingers.

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