Monday, February 29, 2016

Back and Forth

Saturday morning I stopped to take a picture of the Armenian lace doily, that will be something more some day. It measured 8 inches across at this point. I gave up with the honeycomb stitch after just three rounds. I just wasn't enjoying it and so I went back to plain loops yet again. Then I finally got a small order in my shop, so I had a little tatting to do.

First I worked up this small Threes pendant in black. I couldn't find the one I was suppose to have on hand. If you'd seen my organizational prowess, you would no be surprised by that. Everything is carefully put away in labelled storage boxes...with so many other pieces it's a literal scavenger hunt to find the piece I'm looking for sometimes. This time I gave up, so I made two of the pendant to restock the shop. After that it was a custom Mother's knot pendant, though I didn't stop to get a photo of that one.

Then it was back to the knotting. I had actually also sold a pair of ankle corsets on Friday as well, but I didn't have to remake those as I already had two pairs made. I'm sure when I need a break from knotting I'll get another pair made. I do like to have a back up pair of those so that they can always be listed. After about ten rounds of plain loops I went back to the basket stitch. It's about 10 inches across at this point. The plan is to do three rounds of the basket stitch this time and then back to plain loops. I'll figure out what to do next when I get there. It's been a little more work than I thought to keep the rounds growing at the correct rate to keep the piece laying mostly flat. I've gone through both warped edges when it was slightly too big and curled ones when I hadn't quite grew it enough. It's a balancing act, but it's keeping my busy and on my toes. So that's the plan for my leap day. Not particularly exciting, but at least I'll be busy.

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