Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I wasn't quite as busy yesterday, but I still had tatting to do. The order I had gotten overnight was for a pair of earrings and a necklace. Unfortunately one of the earrings had gone astray, so I had to start the day by making not only replacements for the ordered piece, but the other earring first before I could send out the order. It was also the first International order I've gotten since postage costs went through the roof for them. I know when you think about it, you're asking USPS to take a package from your house and deliver it across an ocean and to another house thousands of miles away and that given that, the cost makes sense. It's just a significant increase and I'm pretty certain that it will keep many folks outside of the U.S. from ordering anything they don't really need.

I think I have just one more small piece to remake for the shop and then I'm caught up again, for now. I also still need to buckle down and finish the TIAS so I can send a photo of my finished piece to Jane. I've been keeping them to myself, well my blog, but I know she likes to have a nice collection of the finished pieces on the TIAS blog, so I've got to do that. I think I'll leave you this morning with a picture of the daffodils in my front yard that mistakenly believe it's already Spring. Silly daffodils, it's February.

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