Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Busy Lace Day

I actually had a pretty busy lace day. I started by catching up with the TIAS. Okay, this is clearly turning into a rabbit. Of course mine has some issues, namely the mismatched eyes, but that's not the point of the TIAS is it? The point for me is to not only make something I would not normally make, but also stretch my skills by translating the pattern instructions to needle. Normally that's a no brainer, but Jane's patterns always seem to have some element that makes me think outside the box a bit and that's a good thing.

Next up was remaking a tatted heart pendant for the shop. It doesn't take long to make this one at all. Of course it took longer than normal to find the right color of thread. My thread box is getting out of control again. No, not because I've ordered more or anything . In fact I can't remember that last time I got new thread. Since the shop so slow I haven't bought any supplies in forever. The thread box is just an unorganized mess.

After this I got an message on facebook requesting a medallion for a fascinator. There was a lot of back and forth on this one and frankly I was fairly certain I had frightened the customer away with my inability to do what was first requested. Eventually we came up with a solution that would work for her needs and I got to work. I still have a couple of rounds left to do and then it will need to be stiffened. This is the larger version of my woven star pattern and I did not write down the outer rounds. It's proven a little fiddly to copy the existing piece since it's sewn to a base currently and I can't turn it over to count. Yes, I know I wouldn't be in this mess if I would just write all of may patterns down. You know that's not going to happen though. Anyway, I should get this finished today and stiffened overnight so I can have it in the post tomorrow. So I should have a nice busy lace day today too.

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