Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Disney Adventure

I'm back! Though I'm not sure I was really all that missed, except perhaps by our cats. Our in-laws spearheaded a trip to Disneyland years ago. We've all been recycling to save money for it for years and that's where we went over the long weekend. We hit up Medieval Times, Disneyland and California Adventures.  It was an average of 9 miles of walking a day while we were there, in the parks at 7 and up much later than usual at night. I am completely wiped out this morning as we drove most of the day yesterday.

This picture above was probably the husband's highlight of the weekend. We only split off from our larger family group for a couple of hours and we had to meet Spider-Man. This other one is a few more members of the family, but still not everyone. As you can imagine there are tons of photos, but I don't even have half of them on my computer yet.

We're back to schooling this morning and real life. I got an order for a pair of slave bracelets on the way home yesterday so I can get straight back to tatting as well. Of course what I really need is another couple of days of vacation to recover from our vacation. Oh, well. It was a wonderful time and I'm glad that the kids are old enough that they will always remember it. I guess it's back to it now.

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