Friday, February 19, 2016


I didn't get any new orders in the shop yesterday, so I was left to my own devices finding something to do with my time.  I opted for knitting, reading, and catching up with my DVR. It's amazing how full that thing gets when we're out of the house for five days. I still haven't made a real dent in it. The kids also want to use the television though, so that gave me time for reading.

The knitting I'm doing is a nice and easy draped vest pattern. I adore clothing that layers and drapes. The bonus of this one is that because it's sleeveless, there is no seaming at all. It's just knit in one big rectangle with arm holes. Simplicity at it's finest. In fact if I hadn't had such problems keeping the seed stitch correct while in the car I probably would have finished it on the trip, but I did, so I didn't.

I continue to have no tatting in queue, so I suppose there will be more knitting and reading today and likely throughout the weekend. Hopefully something interesting will happen to get me back to the needle soon. I feel like I should be making something new and different, but i haven't a clue what yet. Maybe it's the early Spring in the air.

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